Sometimes I post bits of short fiction online. These are generally either experimental or just flash pieces. I am working to repost all of my past pieces. It may take some time, so please bear with me. Here’s a list of those items I have so far:

Eternal Assassin (Series)

Eternal Assassin follows a mysterious man who discovers why every time he dies, he comes back as someone else, his head filled with the names of people he must kill. But who is he really and are his missions divine in nature or something much more sinister?

This series was originally posted on Google+ and Wattpad as part of the #SaturdayScenes project.

Jeremiah X (Connected Shorts Coming Soon)

Jeremiah is not a good guy. After two years on the inside for killing a man, he breaks out of prison to discover the world has gone to Hell, literally. Demons and monsters walk the world, killing or eating any human they can find. Half Mad Max and half Riddick, Jeremiah is just one man trying to stay alive in a world that is doing everything it can to kill him.


Flash Fiction

Various random flash fiction pieces, generally around 1,000 words or less. Most of these are inspired by an image or other prompt. These can range be science fiction, science fantasy, traditional fantasy, steampunk, horror or anything else under the speculative fiction umbrella. This is the real speculative miscellany.